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Accept Bitcoin Cash
Payments instantly

Atlantis is the easiest and safest way to start
accepting payments instantly from customers
all over the world. 


Payments are instantly accepted by our service. The risk of someone cheating is negligible and we immediately alert users


You can get started by copying a few lines of code and embedding it anywhere on your website/service.


Your funds directly reach your wallet. We cannot steal, censor, freeze, or check anything related to your payments

Payments are now a

Pay as you go:
No fee for first 1000 transactions p.m
Flat fee of $0.01 per transaction

2% fee per transaction

2% fee per transaction


Payments are just the beginning

bitcoin subscriptions

Subscriptions can be paid through payment links sent to the customers mail before subscription expiry. No more chargeback frauds or credit card problems.

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Escrow services

Trustsless Escrow services between the customer and the business. The business gets the money only when the customer authorizes the payment.

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The future is borderless 

We provide the financial tools to power your business